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Szczegółowe informacje o pracowniku

prof. dr hab. Śliwinski Antoni
zakład: Zakład Akustyki i Fizyki Jądrowej
pokój: 231
strona WWW:

konsultacje: Emerytowany Profesor





Grinberg Marek, Śliwinski Antoni, Sikorska Anna
Nonradiative processes in transition ions in crystals.
Review of Scientific Instruments 2003r. nr: 74 strony: 312-315
Grinberg Marek, Sikorska Anna, Śliwinski Antoni, Barzowska Justyna, Y.R. Shen; S.B. Ubizskii; S.S.Melnyk
Photoacoustic and optical spectroscopy studies of luminescenct Cr3+ and Cr4+ centers in yttrium aluminium garnet
Physical Review B 2003r. nr: 67 strony: 045113-9
Grinberg Marek, Śliwinski Antoni, Sikorska Anna
Photoacoustic and optical absorption spectra in strong luminescent crystals; bulk-surface states deexcitation model.
Physical Review B 2003r. nr: 67 strony: 045114-8
Śliwinski Antoni
Selected aspects of polarization of light in ultrasonic light diffraction
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 2001r. nr: 3 strony: S93-S101
Śliwinski Antoni, J. Czuchaj, K. ?rodecki
Noise sources and acoustic properties of workrooms in the plants of food-processing and pharmaceutical industry
APPLIE aCOUSTICS 2001r. nr: 62 strony: 1141-1156
Linde Bogumil B. J., Sikorska Anna, Śliwinski Antoni, Żwirbla Wioletta
Molecular association and relaxation phenomena in water solutions of organic liquids examined by photoacoustic and ultrasonic methods
Archives of Acoustics 2006r. nr: 31, 4(Sup) strony: 143-152
Sikorska Anna, Linde Bogumil B. J., Śliwinski Antoni, D. Dadarlat, M. Streza, C. Neamtu
Photoacoustic and photopyroelectric investigations of thermal parameters in water mixtures with some nonelectrolyte liquids
Journal de Physique IV 2006r. nr: V 137 strony: 341-346
Śliwinski Antoni, Zachara S. , Brinbach M.
Acoustic impedance variations of helmholtz resonators of two plates with orifices inlet neck against the distance between the plates
Archives of acoustics 2004r. nr: 29, 2 strony: 147-154
Grinberg Marek, Sikorska Anna, Śliwinski Antoni
Photoacoustic signal in strongly luminescent crystals: Bulk-surface states deexcitation model
Physical Review B 2003r. nr: 67 strony: 045114-1

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