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Grinberg Marek, Barzowska Justyna, Y. R. Shen, K. L. Bray
Cryatal field model of three domi-nating Cr3+ centers in LiTaO3 crystals
Radiation Effects & Defects inSolids 2001r. nr: 155 strony: 247-251
Grinberg Marek, K. Holliday
Lifetime distribution and non-radiative processes in chromium doped aluminosilicate glasses
Radiation Effects & Defects inSolids 2001r. nr: 156 strony: 347-352
Bojarski Piotr, M. Engelke, R.Bloss and H.Diehl
Tamoxifen perturbs lipid order and permeability: comparison of differential scanning calorimetry, fluorescence anisotropy LAURDAN generalized polarization and carboxyfluorescein leakage studies
Biophysical Chemistry 2001r. nr: 90 strony: 157-173
Grinberg Marek, Barzowska Justyna, Y. R. Shen, K. L. Bray
Inhomogeneous broadening of Cr3+ luminescence in LiTaO3
Phys. Rev. B 2001r. nr: 63 strony: 214104-15
Grinberg Marek, K. Holliday
Luminescence kinetics and emission lifetime distribution of Cr3+-doped aluminosilicate glass
Journal of Luminescence 2001r. nr: 92 strony: 277-286
Grinberg Marek, S. M. Kaczmarek, M. Berkowski, Taiju Tsuboi
The Jahn-Teller Effect in the SrLaGa3O7 : Co2+ system
Journal Physic Condens Matter 2001r. nr: 13 strony: 743-752
Grinberg Marek, 9. Cz. Koepke, K. Wi?niewski, A. Majchrowski and T.P.J. Han
Excited state absorption in chromium doped Li2B4O7 glass
Journal Physic Condens Matter 2001r. nr: 13 strony: 2701-2716
Grinberg Marek, Kukliński Benedykt, A. Jankowska-Frydel, Nowosielski Tadeusz
The influence of the heat treatment on luminescence and EPR spectra of mixed NaxK1-xCl single cristal
Radiation Measurements 2001r. nr: 33 strony: 773-777
Kukliński Benedykt, Bojarski Piotr, Kawski Alfons
Ground and Excited State Dipole Moments of BADAN and ACRYLODAN Determined from Solvatochromic Shifts of Absorption and Fluorescence Spectra
Zeischrift fur Naturforschung 2001r. nr: 56a strony: 407-411
Sikorska Anna, Linde Bogumil B. J., Kukielski Jan
The effect of solvent polarity on photo-acoustic spectra of alkyl-cyanobipheny
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 2001r. nr: 3 strony: S71-S76
Lewa Czesław, G. ?ebrowska, J. de Certaines
1H NMR and Optical Spectroscopy Study of the Radiodosimetric Properties of the PIRA gel
Spectroscopy Letters 2001r. nr: 34(5) strony: 549-567
Lewa Czesław, T. Podoski, Lewandowska Danuta
Investigation of the Stability of Aloe Sap Using 1H NMR Spectral Analysis
Molecular Physics Reports 2001r. nr: 33 strony: 243-246
Lewa Czesław, 18. G. ?ebrowska, M.P. Ramee, F. Husson and J.D. De Certaines
Detection of Early -Postirradiation Effect in Murine Spleen by Proton NMR Relaxation Times
Anticancer Research 2001r. nr: 21 strony: 1213-1218
Heldt Janina, Józefowicz Marek, Heldt Józef, Kamiński Jerzy
Spectroscopic studies of fluorenone derivatives
Journals of Fluorescence. 2001r. nr: Vol.11 No. strony: 65-73
Heldt Janina, M. Obarowska, B. Milewska, Heldt Józef, Kamiński Jerzy
Spectroscopic and laser studies of mixed rhodamine 6G and 10-henyl-9-acetoxyanthracene solutions
Journal of Fluorescence 2001r. nr: Vol. 11.No strony: 335-342
Heldt Janina, M. Brozis, Heldt Józef
Experimental and theoretical determination of elektronic state energies of naphthanilides
Zeischrift fur Naturforschung 2001r. nr: 56a strony: 841-848
Kowalski Andrzej, Ch. Ottinger
Hot-atom chemiluminescence: a beam study of the N(4S) + CH4 system
Chemical Physics Letters 2001r. nr: 339 strony: 53-63
Śliwinski Antoni
Selected aspects of polarization of light in ultrasonic light diffraction
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 2001r. nr: 3 strony: S93-S101
Śliwinski Antoni, J. Czuchaj, K. ?rodecki
Noise sources and acoustic properties of workrooms in the plants of food-processing and pharmaceutical industry
APPLIE aCOUSTICS 2001r. nr: 62 strony: 1141-1156
Pogorzelski Stanisław
Structural and thermodynamic characteristics of natural marine films derived from force-area studies
Colloids and Surfaces 2001r. nr: 189 strony: 163-176
Szurkowski Janusz, A. Christ
Photoacoustic characterization of drug transport into a membrane
Instrumentation Science & Technology 2001r. nr: 29(2) strony: 91-99
Szurkowski Janusz, A. Ba?cik-Remisiewicz, K. Matusiak, Z. Tukaj
Oxygen evolution and photosynthetic energy storage during the cell cycle of green alga Scenedesmus armatus characterized by photoacoustic spectroscopy
Journal of Plant Physiology 2001r. nr: 158 strony: 1061-1067
Pogorzelski Stanisław
Static and dynamic properties of surfactant films on natural waters
Oceanologia 2001r. nr: 43(2) strony: 223-246
Pogorzelski Stanisław, Kogut Anna
Kinetics of marine surfactant adsorption at an air/water interface,
Oceanologia 2001r. nr: 43(4) strony: 389-404
Szurkowski Janusz
Application of Photoacoustic Spectroscopy in Studies of Environment Contamination Effect on Needles of Scots Pine (Pinus silvestris L.),
Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 2001r. nr: 66 strony: 683-690

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