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Drozdowski Ryszard, Th. Ludwig, G. vin Oppen, Busch M
Anticrossing spectroscopy of He atoms excited by 30-300 keV He+ impact
Journal Physic B 2004r. nr: 37 strony: 1
Kowalski Andrzej, Pranszke Bogusław, Ch. Ottinger
Hot-atom chemiluminescence: a beam study of the N*(2D) + CH4 system
Chemical Physics Letters 2004r. nr: 383 strony: 156-160
Kowalski Andrzej, Pranszke Bogusław, S. Werbowy
An adiabatic chemiluminescent reaction: N(2D) + H2 -> NH(A 3P) + H, studied under beam conditions
Chemical Physics Letters 2004r. nr: 389 strony: 218-224
Kowalski Andrzej, Pranszke Bogusław
Hot -atom chemiluminescence: a beam study of the O(3P)+ H2 CH4 systems
Zeischrift fur Naturforschung 2004r. nr: 59a strony: 517-522
Schmelzer C. E. H. , Żwirbla Wioletta, Linde Bogumil B. J., E. Rosenfeld,
Acoustic investigations of pseudo-stable structure in aqueous solutions of polyethylene glycols
Journal of Molecular Structure 2004r. nr: 699 strony: 47-51
Zorenko Yu., Turchak R. M. , Grinberg Marek, Gryk Wojciech
Luminescent spectroscopy of Eu2+ centers in CsBr:Eu monocrystals
Journal of Luminescence 2004r. nr: 106 strony: 313-320
Grinberg Marek, Barzowska Justyna, Y. R. Shen, R.S. Meltzer, K. L. Bray
Pressure dependence of electron-phonon coupling in Ce3+-doped Gd3Sc2Al3O12 garnet crystals
Physical Review B 2004r. nr: 69 strony: 205101(5)
Grinberg Marek, Kukliński Benedykt, T. Łukasiewicz, M. Świrydowicz, Kornyło A.
Photoluminescence of LLGG:Cr3+ crystals under high pressure
Radiation Measurements 2004r. nr: 38 strony: 579-584
Kukliński Benedykt, Grinberg Marek, M. Malinowski, Gryk Wojciech
High pressure spectroscopy of Pr3+ in LiNbO3
Journals of Alloys and Comp. 2004r. nr: 380 strony: 230-234
Kukliński Benedykt, Grinberg Marek, A. Jankowska-Frydel, N. Krutiak, Z. Moroz, M. Pashowsky, Kornyło A.
Spectroscopic properties of ZnWO4 single crystal doped with Fe and Li impurities
Radiation Measurements 2004r. nr: 38 strony: 707-710
Padlyak B. , Kukliński Benedykt
Nature of Intrinsic Luminescence in the Glasses of CaO-Ga2O3-GeO2 System
Radiation Measurements 2004r. nr: 38 strony: 593-597
Bojarski Piotr, Sadownik Michał
The effect of intermolecular donor – acceptor energy transfer on emission anisotropy in uniaxially oriented polymer films
2004r. nr: 396 strony: 293
Bojarski Piotr, Kawski Alfons
The inertial effect on the rotational fluorescence depolarization in liquids
Asian Journal Spektroskopy 2004r. nr: 7 strony: 97-123
Bojarski Piotr, Kubicki Aleksander, Kwiek Piotr, L. Kułak, Synak Anna, Szabelski Mariusz, Gondek Grzegorz
Fluorescence depolarization in the presence of excitation energy migration in partly ordered polymer films
Chemical Physics Letters 2004r. nr: 399 strony: 114-119
Redzimski T. , Heldt Janina
Influence of conformational effects on spectroscopic properties of 2-dimethylamino-9(4’-dimethylamino)phenyl-9-fluorenol
Journal of Fluorescence 2004r. nr: 14 strony: 723-731
Heldt Janina, Kwiek Piotr, Heldt Józef, Kozyra Katarzyna, Gondek Grzegorz
Influence of DPPC Liposome Concentration on the Fluorescence Properties of PRODAN and LAURDAN
Zeischrift fur Naturforschung 2004r. nr: 59a strony: 809-818
Heldt Janina, Redzimski Tomasz
Spectral and photophysical properties of the bi-chromophoric fluorene derivatives
Journal of Molecular Structure 2004r. nr: 734 strony: 197-204
Grinberg Marek, Barzowska Justyna, Gryk Wojciech
Influence of high hydrostatic pressure on energetic structure and electron-lattice coupling of transition metal and rare earth related centers in solids
Semiconductors Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics 2004r. nr: 7 strony: 180-184
Grinberg Marek
New spectroscopic approaches to energetic structure and electron-lattice coupling of transition metal and rare earth ions related centers in solids
Transworld Research Network 2004r. nr: 37/661 strony: 975-994
Sikorska Anna, Linde Bogumil B. J., Sikorska Anna
Investigation of non-electrolytic liquids dissolved in water by photoacoustic and acoustic methods. The case of ethyl alcohol
Journal de Physique IV 2004r. nr: 117 strony: 73-78
Ponikwicki Nikodem, Linde Bogumil B. J., Kukielski J
Investigation of alcylcyanobiphenyl compounds in meso- and crystalline phase
SPIE 2004r. nr: 5507 strony: 257-260
Bojarski Piotr, Z. Kojro, Kawski Alfons
Effective volumes DPS and POPOP in cyclohexane and ethanol determined from rotational fluorescence depolarization
Asian Journal of Spectroscopy 2004r. nr: 8 strony: 49-53
Śliwinski Antoni, Zachara S. , Brinbach M.
Acoustic impedance variations of helmholtz resonators of two plates with orifices inlet neck against the distance between the plates
Archives of acoustics 2004r. nr: 29, 2 strony: 147-154

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