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Skrodzka Ewa , Antoni Krupa, Eike Rosenfeld, Bogumił J. Linde
Mechanical and optical investigation of dynamic behaviour of violins in modal frequencies
Applied Optics 2009r. nr: Vol. 48, I strony: C165-C170
Mazurek Adriana, Pogorzelski, S.J., Boniewicz-Szmyt, K
Adsorption of natural surfactants present in sea waters at surfaces of minerals : contact angle measurements
Oceanologia 2009r. nr: 51 strony: 377-403
Kwitniewski M, Jankowski D., Jaskiewicz K., Dziadziuszko H., Juzeniene A., Moan J., Ma L.W., Peksa R., Kunikowska D., Graczyk A., Kwasny M., Kaliszewski M., Glosnicka R.
Photodynamic therapy with 5-aminolevulinic acid and diamino acid derivatives of protoporphyrin IX reduces papillomas in mice without eliminating transformation into squamous cell carcinoma of the ski
Int. J. Cancer 2009r. nr: 125(7) strony: 1721-1727
Jankowski Dawid, Kwiek Piotr, Grulkowski Ireneusz
Acousto-optic interaction with the use of cylindrical ultrasonic waves in the laser cavity
Applied Optics 2009r. nr: Vol. 48 strony: c81-c85
Kwiek Piotr, Śliwiński Antoni
Some recollections on acousto-optics research at the University of Gdańsk in the light of international cooperation and of the history of Spring School on Acousto-Optics and Applications
Applied Optics 2009r. nr: Vol. 48 strony: c126-c134
Pranszke Bogusław
Charge transfer excitation in N+ + CO2 collisions under beam conditions
Chemical Physics Letters 2009r. nr: 484 strony: 24-27
Heldt Janina, Aleksiejew Marek , Heldt Józef
Experimental and theoretical spectroscopic studies of ortho derivatives of methyl p-dimethylaminobenzoate
Journal of Luminescence 2009r. nr: 129 strony: 208-220
Józefowicz Marek, Heldt Janina, A.M. Iwulska, J. Pączkowski, Aleksiejew Marek , Heldt Józef
Determination of first-order molecular hyperpolarizability of EAADCy and EDMAADCy using steady-state spectroscopic data and quantum-chemical calculations
Optical Materials 2009r. nr: 31 strony: 1894-1897
Józefowicz Marek, Heldt Janina, A. Bajorek, J. Pączkowski
Spectroscopic properties of ethyl 5-(4-dimethylaminophenyl)-3-amino-2,4-dicyanobenzoate
Chemical Physics 2009r. nr: 363 strony: 88-99
Józefowicz Marek, P. Milart, J.R. Heldt
Determination of ground and excited state dipole moments of 4,5'-diamino[1,1':3',1''-terphenyl]-4',6'-dicarbonitrile using solvatochromic method and quantum-chemical calculations
Spectrochimica Acta Part A 2009r. nr: 74 strony: 959-963
Behrendt Mirosław, Kukliński Benedykt, Grinberg Marek, M. Krabowiak
6d15f1↔5f2 transitions in U4+ in Cs2NaYCl
Optical Materials 2009r. nr: 31 strony: 514-517
Zalewska M. , Kukliński Benedykt, J. Jezierska, M. Grinberg, A. M. Kłonkowski
Tb3+ ions in presence of ZnS:Mn2+ nanocrystals incorporated into silica. energy transfer ZnS → Tb3+ and coordination state of Mn2+ ions
Journal of Luminescence 2009r. nr: 129 strony: 246-250
Mahlik Sebastian, Grinberg Marek, E. Cavalli, M. Bettinelli, P. Boutinaud
High pressure evolution of YVO4:Pr3+ luminescence
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 2009r. nr: 21 strony: 105401
Mahlik Sebastian, Grinberg Marek, Liang Shi and Hyo Jin Seo
Pressure evolution of LiBaF3:Eu2+ luminescence.
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 2009r. nr: 21 strony: 235603
Mahlik Sebastian, Grinberg Marek, R. Meltzer, Wiśniewski Krzysztof
Temperature and pressure dependence of the luminescence of Eu2+ doped fluoride crystals BaxSr1-xF2 (x=0, 0.3, 0.5 and 1): experiment and model
J. Phys. Condens. Matter 2009r. nr: 21 strony: 245601
Mahlik Sebastian, Grinberg Marek, A. A. Kaminski, M. Bettinelli, P. Boutinaud
Luminescence of Ca(NbO3)2:Pr3+ at ambient and high hydrostatic pressure
Journal of Luminescence 2009r. nr: 129 strony: , 1219-122
Padlyak B. , Cz. Koepke, D. Piątkowski, K. Wiśniewski, B. Kukliński
Excited state absorption and up-conversion luminescence of Ho3+ centres in 3CaO–Ga2O3–3GeO2 glass
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 2009r. nr: 355 strony: 1338-1341
Piątkowski D., K. Wisniewski, Cz. Koepke, M. Naftaly
Excited state absorption spectroscopy of Nd3+ activated fluoroaluminate glass – experiment and simulation
Optical Materials 2009r. nr: 31 strony: 541-547
Kukliński Benedykt, Bojarski Piotr, Kawski Alfons
Photophysical properties and thermochromic shifts of electronic spectra of Nile Red in selected solvents. Excited states dipole moments
Chemical Physics 2009r. nr: 359 strony: 58-64

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