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Division of Acousto-Optics ana Laser Physics


prof. dr hab. Piotr Kwiek
phone: (+48 58) 5232 262 wew. 2262

Topics of scientific research:

•Acoostooptics-light sound interaction.
• Optical holography.
• Time-resolved flurescence spectroscopy.
• High speed imaging.
• Photodynamic diagnosis of cancer


 Name and title



mgr Jankowski Dawid 236 tel.: (058) 5232 264 wew. 2264 email
prof. dr hab. Kwiek Piotr 103,104,01 tel.: (+48 58) 5232 262 wew. 2262 email





Kwiek Piotr, Miłosz E., A. Romiszewska; A. Graczyk; A.J. Podhajska, Kowalska A., Gondek Grzegorz
Application of electrophoretic methods for detection of protein-porphyrin complexes.
Acta Biochimica Polonica 2003r. no. 50no4 pages: 1-9
Kwiek Piotr, Grulkowski Ireneusz
Interactin of light with cylindrical ultrasonic wave”; Archives of Acoustics
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Kwiek Piotr, V. I. Tomin, K. Hubisz
Polarization and Kinetic Properties of the Luminescence of Nonequilibrium Forms of Dimethylaminobenzonitrile
Optics and Spectroscopy 2005r. no. Vol.99,No. pages: 43-48
Bojarski Piotr, Kubicki Aleksander, Kwiek Piotr, L. Kułak, Synak Anna, Szabelski Mariusz, Gondek Grzegorz
Fluorescence depolarization in the presence of excitation energy migration in partly ordered polymer films
Chemical Physics Letters 2004r. no. 399 pages: 114-119
Heldt Janina, Kwiek Piotr, Heldt Józef, Kozyra Katarzyna, Gondek Grzegorz
Influence of DPPC Liposome Concentration on the Fluorescence Properties of PRODAN and LAURDAN
Zeischrift fur Naturforschung 2004r. no. 59a pages: 809-818
Kwiek Piotr, Sikorski Jerzy
Comment on „Measure of absolute speed through the Bradley aberration of light beams on a three-axis frame
Europhysics Letters 2002r. no. 58 pages: 312-313
Kwiek Piotr, Gondek Grzegorz
Acousto-optic polarizer
Ultrasonics 2002r. no. 40 pages: 967-971
Kwiek Piotr, Grulkowski Ireneusz
Experimental study of light diffraction by stading ultrasonic wave with cylindical symmetry
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Acousto-optic lens based on interaction of narrow laser beam with cylindrical ultrasound
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Jankowski Dawid, Kwiek Piotr, Grulkowski Ireneusz
Holographic Imaging of Cylindrical Ultrasonics Waves
Archives of Acoustics 2006r. no. 31 pages: 137-142
Kwiek Piotr, Reibold R., Gondek Grzegorz, Grulkowski Ireneusz
Light diffraction by two parallel superposed ultrasonic waves of the frequency ratio 1:2
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Zawacka-Pankau J., Kwiek Piotr, Pramanik A., Bonecki. B., Podhajska A., Bednarz N. , Burcza A., Issaeva N. , Kowalska A.
Tumor suppressor Fhit protein interacts with protoporphyrin IX in vitro and enhances the response of HeLa cells to photodynamic therapy
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B. Biology 2007r. no. 86 pages: 35-42
Windels F., Kwiek Piotr, Gondek Joanna, K. Van Den Abeele
Acousto-optic lens for pulsed laser
Optics Letters 2003r. no. Vol.28,No pages: 40-42
Jankowski Dawid, Kwiek Piotr, Grulkowski Ireneusz
Acousto-optic interaction of a Gaussian laser beam with an ultrasonic of cylindrical symmetry
Applied Optics 2007r. no. Vol. 46, N pages: 5870-5876
Kwiek Piotr, Grulkowski Ireneusz
Successive diffraction model based on Fourier optics as a tool for the studies of light interaction with arbitrary ultrasonic field
European Physical Journal Special Topics 2008r. no. 154 pages: 77-83
Bojarski Piotr, Kwiek Piotr, Rangełowa S., Sadownik Michał
Energy transfer between unlike fluorophores In uniaxially orientem polimer films monitorem by time-resolved and Steady-state emission anisotropy
Optical Materials 2008r. no. 30 pages: 810-813
Bojarski Piotr, Kwiek Piotr, Rangełowa-Jankowska S., Sadownik Michał
Energy transfer between unlike fluorophores in uniaxially oriented polymer films monitored by time – resolved and steady – state emission anisotropy
Optical Materials 2008r. no. 30 pages: 810-813
Jankowski Dawid, Kwiek Piotr, Grulkowski Ireneusz
Acousto-optic interaction with the use of cylindrical ultrasonic waves in the laser cavity
Applied Optics 2009r. no. Vol. 48 pages: c81-c85
Kwiek Piotr, Śliwiński Antoni
Some recollections on acousto-optics research at the University of Gdańsk in the light of international cooperation and of the history of Spring School on Acousto-Optics and Applications
Applied Optics 2009r. no. Vol. 48 pages: c126-c134

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